Electrocompaniet has released the ECI 80D amplifier in white

The Norwegian company Electrocompaniet A/S has released the ECI 80D integrator in a white design. The original version was black. As stated, in this amplifier, Electrocompaniet has managed to offer proprietary approaches to circuitry and functions in the entry-level Classic Line line. We have already written about the company’s technologies. Electrocompaniet engineers paid serious attention to intermodulation distortion and took into account the dynamic parameters of transistors.

The amplifier outputs 2 80 watts per speaker with a resistance of 8 Ohms with noise-less than -130 dB. The frequency range of 1 Hz-150 kHz allowed to “push” the maximum of its own distortion far beyond the limits of the audible region.

Electrocompaniet ECI 80D in white

The model is quite versatile: two coaxial and optical digital inputs are supplemented with a pair of analog RCA, and a Phono corrector for MM cartridges is also provided. Two-way Bluetooth HD is installed on Board: it is possible to broadcast music in HD quality from the gadget (computer) iOS, Android, Mac or PC to the amplifier, as well as transfer from the amplifier to Bluetooth headphones.

The creators of the ECI 80D paid special attention to the use of headphones. The amplifier has two headphone outputs at once-with Jack and Mini-Jack connectors. However, both connections were placed on the back wall of the case.

Electrocompaniet ECI 80D in white

The front panel is minimalistic-against expectations, there is not even the usual volume encoder. Everything is controlled by buttons, and data about the state of the device is displayed on a large display. You can also control the amplifier using the remote control.

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