Tanchjim Darling in-ear headphones: two armature drivers and a speaker in minimal

Tanchjim Darling managed to place three drivers in the miniature cases of gibid intra — channels-two armature drivers (they are responsible for the mid-and high-frequency range) and dynamic drivers (it plays bass).

According to Tanchjim, the correct sound of this trio in a very small volume required serious development. The inner geometry of Darling is calculated using finite element modeling (FEA) technology. Then the results were refined on full-scale samples.

Tanchjim Darling

Tanchjim Darling also has an alternative way to adjust the sound. On the nozzle of the headphones (this is a tube directed into the ear canal), not one, but two grooves for the earbud were made-one after the other. Headphones can be immersed in the ear canal to different depths-this changes both the feeling of wear and the nature of the sound.

Tanchjim Darling

Darling is equipped with special t-APB inserts in six sizes. Tanchjim said that such air-balanced earbuds reduce fatigue from the pressure difference that exists in conventional in-ear headphones.

Tanchjim Darling

The headphone cable has received a special coating of the Central wire and is shielded with silver foil. The Darling housings are precisely machined to the point of thorough surface polishing. The entire kit can be placed in a convenient microfiber case.

In the US, Tanchjim Darling headphones cost $420.

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