Sonosax SX-DD2 Preamp: Phono corrector, ADC and digital outputs

The Swiss company Sonosax, better known for its mixing panels and microphone preamps, has prepared for the release of the SX-DD2 preamp. It was announced 3 years ago, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the company-as an “upcoming project”. Finally, the company’s leader Jacques Sax (Jacques Sax) said that the novelty will appear next spring.

The Sonosax SX-DD2 is a full-featured pre-amplifier with a set of analog and digital inputs. Analog inputs are supplemented by an onboard phono corrector — their signal passes from input to output without any “digital interference”.

At the same time, it is also processed by the built-in ADC and appears on the digital outputs AES, SPDIF, optics and USB. That is, by connecting the SX-DD2 to a computer via USB 2.0, you can digitize a collection of vinyl or tape recordings.

Sonosax SX-DD2

It is clear that such a device, made at a professional level, will be in demand in mastering, installation and archiving centers. On the other hand, the SX-DD2 is quite suitable for home audio enthusiasts.

The manufacturer recommended using this preamp with two-band active Sonosax SX-ADN2 acoustics or as part of a high-quality stereo setup. Optionally, the SX-DD2 can be supplemented with rack mounts. Also ready for it is the ered-MOD module with UPnP DLNA support for working on the network.

The cost of the Sonosax SX-DD2 in the United States will be about $7,000. At the same time, a limited number of SX-dd2s will be sold for $4,400 for pre-orders with a deposit of $350 issued before March 31, 2021.

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