Dunu ZEN: aluminum-magnesium driver with carbon coating in a stainless steel case

The Chinese company Dunu Topsound has introduced the ZEN concept in-ear headphones. this is the first model equipped with eclips platform drivers with new generation technologies. the 13.5-mm speaker received a w-shaped membrane in cross-section, made of aluminum-magnesium alloy.

This material lags behind beryllium, which was used in the flagship Luna model, but Dunu specialists added a strengthening layer of nanoporous amorphous carbon (nanodlc). it covers the diaphragm at high temperature by chemical vapor deposition (pecvd), adding a “diamond” stiffness to the membrane. the machine-milled neodymium ring magnet provides a magnetic field strength of more than 1.8 t for the sound coil, which is claimed to be one of the best indicators in the industry.

Dunu ZEN

The driver in the headphone case is damped and equipped with Dunu’s patented Air Control Impedance System (ACIS). In fact, it is a kind of phase inverter that amplifies the recoil at frequencies below 100 Hz, creating a precise articulated bass.

The manufacturer for ZEN claimed a frequency range of 5 Hz-40 kHz with a sensitivity of 112 dB and an impedance of 16 ohms. The level of total harmonic distortion is remarkable: at a frequency of 1 kHz, it is less than 0.2%.

Dunu ZEN

The headphones received a case made of solid monolithic stainless steel with a black PVD coating. The manufacturer himself described the ZEN design as ” phlegmatic, but expressive.” The novelty is equipped with an 8-core silver-plated copper cable of premium class DUW-03. It is connected to the headphones with MMCX connectors. The kit also includes a modular set of Quick-Switch adapters and an extensive selection of inserts.

Until the end of the year, ZEN headphones can be purchased on the Dunu website and from the company’s dealers at a price of $700.

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