Dynaudio has updated the Emit acoustic series

In the Dynaudio catalog, the Emit series is the youngest, and the company itself calls it “the entry point into the universe of high-end acoustics”. Now, five years later, the company has decided to update the lineup.

The new Emit series includes two bookshelf models Emit 10 and Emit 20, two floor stands Emit 30 and Emit 50, and center channel acoustics Emit 25C. All are designed, styled, tuned and optimized in the Dyanudio laboratory in their native Denmark. In the creation of new products, the unique Jupiter installation was actively used, which we talked about in the report from the Dynaudio production.

The new Emit have inherited a lot of technology from the older lines. All models in the series are equipped with a Cerotar tweeter, borrowed from the Evoke line, and this, in turn, is based on the emitter of the anniversary Dynaudio Forty. It has a strontium carbonate ferrite and ceramic magnet and an aluminum coil – like in Esotar3.

Dynaudio Emit

The camera in which the tweeter is located is designed to control air flows, avoid unwanted resonances and smooth out the frequency response.

The midrange and woofer speakers of Emit are also based on the technologies of the Evoke line. The diffusers are made of MSP (magnesium-silicate polymer) material developed by Dynaudio, which is famous for the right combination of lightness, damping and rigidity.

The diffusers are directly connected to a copper-plated aluminum sound coil. The power of sound and control are provided by two-layer ferrite-ceramic magnetic systems.

Crossovers are unusual: these are hybrid designs that combine combinations of topologies of the first, second and fourth order — and this combination is unique for each model in the Emit line. Dynaudio explained that this approach made it possible to provide the line with a single sound character, taking into account all the features of a particular model.

Dynaudio Emit

All the new Emit’s have changed the ports of the phase inverters — now they are two expanding bass pipes that reduce turbulence. The amount of internal damping material is calculated to the nearest gram-the ruler is the youngest, but this does not mean that Dynaudio treats it lightly.

The cases themselves are made of MDF with a thickness of 18 mm. There are three colors available: black, white and walnut. All models are equipped with black magnetic protective grilles.

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