Dynavoice Challenger CSB-V15 and Magic MW-12 subwoofers: proprietary technologies and universal settings

The Dynavoice Challenger CSB-V15 and Magic MW-12 subwoofers, which have recently appeared on the Russian market, differ significantly in prices, but both models are made according to proprietary technologies and standards.

According to the company’s representatives, the development and refinement of these technologies took decades. As stated, the main merit of the engineers of Dynavoice is the ability to create the most thoughtful emitters with “rich and detailed sound”.

The premium Challenger CSB – V15 is positioned as a full-size subwoofer, ready for any task. This sub should be suitable for both a home cinema hall and a high-end stereo system. The aluminum radiator (15 inches) was optimized according to the Klippel method. Inside the HDF cabinet with a 4 cm front panel, double cooling is organized. A slot port is located under the radiator.

Dynavoice Challenger CSB-V15 and Magic MW-12 subwoofers

The” heart ” of the Challenger CSB-V15 is a 300 W AB-class amplifier (RMS). The model is capable of playing frequencies in the range from 25 Hz to 150 Hz. The Dynavoice X-Change EQ module will allow you to control the sound, which will allow you to adjust the frequency of 63 Hz to the level of -3 dB, 0 dB or +3 dB. The manufacturer explained that the EQ-block, together with a built-in crossover and phase adjustment, will allow you to adjust the sound to any setup and room.

Among other things, Dynavoice focused on the bottom panel-the base of the X-Type Board, which provides for the use of two types of legs and reduces vibration. The weight of the subwoofer was 33.6 kg.

The Magic MW-12 subwoofer, which is also an active system with a tuning unit, received a 12-inch emitter and a 180-watt (RMS) amplifier. The body of the model is made of MDF. The sub is equipped with a low-pass filter and phase control. Claimed operating range: 25 Hz to 180 Hz.

Dynavoice Challenger CSB-V15 and Magic MW-12 subwoofers

According to the manufacturer, the model is well suited for a medium-scale DC system or as an addition to two shelf speakers. It is also noted that the Magic MW-12, like other Dynavoice subwoofers, was tested “in real conditions” and optimized for a normal living room. The subwoofer weighs 15.2 kg.

The Challenger CSB-V15 is available in three finishes: white, black, and walnut. The junior Magic MW-12 is available in black and white.

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