Dyson Zone headphones: noise canceling and air purification

Environmental pollution, such as air pollution, also includes noise pollution. Dyson intends to solve both problems in one device – the Dyson Zone headphones. These are over-ear Bluetooth headphones with ANC, complete with air-purifying technology. They were first talked about two years ago (although development has been going on for more than six years), but now the patented technology has been embodied in a real device.

The air purification function is implemented in an additional mask that looks like a visor on magnetic mounts. This very visor does not touch the face, as happens with a regular mask or respirator. A pair of miniature compressors creates a zone of high pressure between the mask and the face from the air that has passed through the built-in replaceable filters. Their resource is about a year.

Dyson Zone headphones

The Dyson Zone headphones is able to work in several modes suitable for different levels of physical activity and, accordingly, the intensity of breathing. In automatic mode, Dyson Zone uses the built-in accelerometers. At the same time, according to Dyson, the system can filter out up to 99 percent of contaminants.

In terms of sound cleaning from noise, Zone also has three ANC modes, and if the “visor” is lowered and the face is free, the system automatically switches to talk mode. Two more modes are active ANC and transparency mode. The Dyson Link application, in addition to setting up audio and compressor systems, is able to provide information about air quality.

Dyson Zone headphones

A USB-C port is provided to charge the Dyson Zone Sound/Air Cleaning System. Other details about the new product, such as detailed specifications, release dates or price, the manufacturer has not yet made public.