Elac Vela FS 408: two AS-XR woofers and Jet5 tweeter

Elac has presented the Vela FS 408 floorstanding speaker system, which has become a continuation of one of the most important lines of the company. We are talking about the columns with the index “8”. These models are distinguished by a special arrangement of radiators: two 180 mm woofers and one tweeter. The novelty is made within the framework of this concept, and the appearance is determined by the style of the Vela series. The manufacturer emphasized the elegant design and premium spirit of the new speakers.

The signature AS-XR woofers are aluminum foil / cellulose sandwich cones (stamped with a faceted pattern) that attach to a paper pulp cone. This design, according to the company, increases the frequency range of the driver by an octave, in comparison with a conventional AS (hence the name XR – “extended response”).

The role of the tweeter was performed by the Jet5 module. As stated in the press release, the woofers themselves have very rich, deep bass, and the just mentioned AS-XR design provided the right mids. The firm also drew attention to quality crossovers and internal wiring from Van den Hul.

Elac Vela FS 408

All audiophiles the company promised “incredible pleasure”. Compared to other loudspeakers in the same line, the new FS 408 has a more pronounced midrange, which gives “improved imagery and accurate stage”.

Elac Vela FS 408

The Elac Vela FS 408 will appear on the European market in November at a price of 2,600 euro per speaker. They will offer white and black colors.