Elipson A680: 6 Channel Multi-Room Installation Amplifier

The French company Elipson has expanded its range of devices for custom installations with a 6-channel multi-zone amplifier A680. In fact, the new product is three stereo amplifiers (six channels, three zones) combined in one cabinet with a power of 80 W per channel with the impedance of the speakers connected to them. 8 ohms. Each of these amplifiers can also be bridged, resulting in three 150W outputs to the same 8-ohm speakers.

A pair of input patching buses allows the A680 to be multiplexed into arrays from the required number of amplifiers. It is also convenient that the new product is made in a standard 2U rack-mount AV form factor and can be supplemented with removable mounts.

In an installation using multiple A680s, it is possible to switch between audio buses or separate stereo line inputs for each amp zone. The A680 has a trigger input and output for transmitting an on / off signal. There is an automatic switch to stand by mode, there is also protection against overheating. The cost of the Elipson A680 multi-zone amplifier was 990 euros.

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