Lampizator launches SUT-A amorphous step-up transformer for MC cartridges

Lampizator continues to expand its line of vinyl systems. Recently, it has a step-up transformer for SUT-A MC cartridges. The letter “A” in the name means “amorphous”: the transformer is wound around an amorphous metal core. The description says that every detail important for sound quality has been worked out to the maximum. The transformer is suitable for most MC cartridges with low and normal output, offers a choice of five load values ​​(you can switch them on the fly and without noise), moreover, to order, the company is ready to manufacture a transformer for the parameters of a specific cartridge. Displays the value of the load on the discharge lamps. 20, 50, 100, 200 and 1,000 ohms are available as standard.

A stereo transformer is assembled in one case, in the circuit of which they took special care of shielding – three-layer protection. As stated, the 4-layer board is also well protected from interference. Thanks to a centimeter-thick copper platform installed in the bottom, the device is, firstly, stable, and secondly, it is additionally protected from interference. The transformer circuit is passive.

There is a choice of voltage amplification: either 8V or 16V. For convenience, in addition to choosing one of the two inputs, there is also a mute function, which will be useful when cleaning the stylus, replacing the shell or installing the stylus on the plate.

The transformer can be used with MM phono preamplifiers – both with tube and transistor ones. Its power supply is universal, the user can choose the voltage. The device weighs 6 kg and is available in anodized black, silver or gold case, as well as in any color from the RAL palette to order. In Europe, excluding taxes, the step-up transformer SUT-A will cost 1,990 euro.

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