Fluid Audio Focus: full-size headphones and virtual studio dSONIQ Realphones

Fluid Audio company, founded by engineer and musician Kevin Zuccaro, who worked at JBL, Cerwin-Vega, M-Audio and other famous companies, introduced an inexpensive professional system Focus: semi-open studio headphones and optimized for them dSONIQ Realphones software.

The headphones are equipped with 50-mm drivers with neodymium magnets, large soft earcups, metal headband with leatherette headband and a cable with a gold-plated connector. The model does not have outstanding technical data (20 Hz – 20 kHz, 90 dB, 32 Ohms, 300 mW), but in Fluid Audio promised that the headphones will provide “honest detailed sound” and design will eliminate discomfort even with long hours of work.

Fluid Audio Focus

The aforementioned program dSONIQ Realphones is a special version (Fluid Audio Edition) of the studio plug-in for virtual simulation of various spaces and acoustic systems. The user will be able to set the desired parameters by selecting the type of monitors, the room and adjusting the timbre. The idea is to let the sound engineer hear the track through the headphones as if he were playing it in a real studio with professional equipment.

A special emphasis should be made on the relatively low price: for Europe, the price of the Focus set (headphones and software) was 70 euros.

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