Google will equip Pixel smartphones with auto-tune sound technology for the environment

The network has information about the new development of Google for smartphones Pixel. One member of the XDAD Developers community tweeted that the company is preparing Adaptive Sound, a mobile technology that “will improve sound quality by adjusting to the environment”. The function can be enabled / disabled through the settings menu.

There has been no official announcement yet, but there are already pictures explaining the essence of the technology. According to these images, the smartphone will need to use a microphone to adapt the sound, but the device will delete all audio recordings for analyzing the environment and adjusting the speakers and will not send it anywhere.

However, according to published data, the Adaptive Sound system will be less effective at high volumes.

Google has previously used a similar technology for the Pixel Buds headphones: the essence of the development was only to automatically adjust the volume.

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