Grado Prestige X Series Headphones: 4th Generation Drivers & Super Annealed Copper Cables

American headphone maker Grado Labs, family owned company, has updated its founding Prestige series to Prestige X versions. The new products are equipped with 4th generation drivers that feature improved magnetic systems. In addition, their diaphragms and voice coils have been updated.

The Grado Prestige X models, which the manufacturer considers a “lifetime investment”, are equipped with more durable and at the same time more flexible cables, which now use super annealed copper wire. SR125x, SR225x and SR325x cables have eight conductors, while the budget SR60x and SR80x use a 4-conductor cable.

Grado Prestige X Series

The classic Grado Prestige X cases are, as before, indistinguishable in shape. At the same time, the ear cups of the Grado SR325x, the successors of the company’s first all-metal model, are also made of metal.

In addition, these headphones received a headband made of genuine leather, while the rest have a synthetic material. But, according to Grado, vegans should like it. The Grado Prestige X headphones, like the rest of the Grado models, are made in Brooklyn.

Grado Prestige X Series

Prices for the Grado Prestige X in the US were: Grado SR60x – $100, Grado SR80x – $125, Grado SR125x – $175, Grado SR225x – $225, Grado SR325x – $295.

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