Harman unveils JBL L100 Classic 75 anniversary speakers

Harman has introduced a limited edition anniversary version of the JBL L100 Classic speakers. The new special L100 Classic 75 is created in honor of the 75th anniversary of the JBL brand. The manufacturer also stressed that the very first basic model L100 this year will be 51 years old. The L100 Classic 75 has the same vintage style as the regular L100 Classic, which appeared on our market in 2019.

Among the main features of the anniversary speakers are nameplates with unique markings in honor of the 75th anniversary, anniversary certificates of authenticity,” gold ” logos and improved components. Each column is signed by the firm’s chief Engineer, Chris Hagen. A total of 750 pairs of L100 Classic 75 speakers will be released.

If we talk about the technical improvements, the company announced the revised suspensions of the woofers and advanced wiring with the possibility biwiring via gold plated terminals.

The speakers are equipped with Titanium inch tweeters in branded horns with waveguides and acoustic lenses. JM125PC-8 5-inch emitters are responsible for the middle, 12 — inch W300SW-8 speakers are responsible for the bass, supplemented with ports in the front.

Among other things, the manufacturer has identified branded Quadrex grills in black and cabinets covered with natural teak veneer.

The L100 Classic 75 anniversary speaker will be available as a set of their two matched speakers. The set will also include JS-120 stands. In the US, sales will start in April. The price will be $5,500 per pair.

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