HB Labs hybrid cables: polar combination of pure and silver-plated copper

A small firm HB Labs from the UK has introduced new hybrid cables. These are network and acoustic models, which use pure copper for one conductor and silver — plated for the other. Thus, according to HB Laboratories, a balance is achieved between fast signal transmission, low noise, and phase consistency.

For example, in network cables with silver-plated copper, grounding is provided, because, according to the developers, this is the most important connection. Therefore, its current-carrying veins are covered with silver. HB Laboratories felt that this way it is possible to achieve fast current transmission and accurate transmission of the network signal form.

HB Labs hybrid cables

In the acoustic cable, pure copper conductors were proposed to be used to connect to the negative terminal of the acoustics. Thanks to this, according to HB Laboratories, ” the reverse load, which is not related to a wide bandwidth, does not change and is ideally delivered to the capacitors of the amplifier filter”.

HB Labs hybrid cables

The wooden shell in the network connectors of HB Laboratories hybrid cables is designed to minimize resonances, and the thick aluminum connecting ring reduces extraneous vibrations. The same purpose is served by the wooden parts on the ends of hybrid acoustic cables.

HB Labs hybrid cables

Information on the prices of HB Labs hybrid cables is not yet available.

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