Hegel H95: Integrated Amplifier with Network Player Function

Hegel developed the H95 to replace the junior amplifier H90. It borrowed from the older H120 and H190 models a more modern software platform almost in full, which significantly expanded its capabilities. For example, it has the same DAC as in the older amplifiers, and the platform is sharpened for regular updates, so the device will remain relevant for many years. It is updated via the Internet and the on-screen menu. UPnP, Spotify and Apple AirPlay are available to it from network connections.

Hegel H95

In H95, all inputs are configured separately. There is also a function to bypass the preamplifier circuit, with which you can integrate the model into a home theater system. Moreover, the amplifier can set the maximum volume for the headphone output and separately for the output to the speaker systems, as well as set the volume at which the device will start working after switching on. The analogue part of the H95 is in many ways similar to the proven H90 platform. The developers have provided it with an improved power supply and an analog stage. Also, design improvements were made to reduce noise in the headphone output. The amplifier power was 60 watts per channel into 8 ohms. According to company representatives, the proprietary SoundEngine 2 technology provides the proprietary sound and the ability to shake even rather tight acoustics.

Hegel H95

The description says that it works much like noise canceling headphones: the output of the amplifier is compared with the input signal, the system detects all sound contamination (distortion) and transmits the signal to the acoustic outputs, but in antiphase type, while neutralizing any distortion and leaving only “pure, natural sound”. At the same time, the dumping factor exceeds 2000. On the back of the amplifier there are six digital inputs: three optical, one coaxial, one USB and one Ethernet, as well as two unbalanced RCA plus a line output. On the front panel there is a 6.3-mm headphone-out. The preliminary cost of Hegel H95 1600$.

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