HUAWEI Wireless Sound System with Devialet Sound

HUAWEI, together with Devialet, a major European audio manufacturer, introduced the first HUAWEI Sound X wireless audio system a year ago. The companies teamed up in 2019 to create HUAWEI Sound X, the first wireless speaker with Devialet acoustic technology and sound. And so, companies have updated the column. The HUAWEI Sound System features four Devialet speakers with patented acoustic technology. It delivers immersive, spacious, space-filling sound.

HUAWEI Sound features a four-speaker acoustic design: a 4-inch 40W woofer and three 5W full-range speakers complement each other. Despite its compact size, HUAWEI Sound is packed with power thanks to Devialet’s Push-Push configuration with two passive emitters. This reduces distortion resulting from membrane reverberation and guarantees stability even at high volume levels (up to 90dB), always ensuring quality sound without distortion.

HUAWEI Sound X wireless audio system

Powerful bass has always been at the heart of the HUAWEI Sound range, and it raises the bar with Devialet’s SAM® technology and 1 woofer + 2 passive radiators. This acoustic model is the result of careful design and eliminates the possibility of offset woofer and passive radiators. The design provides maximum simultaneous vibration at ultra-low frequencies without distortion and a wide dynamic range. As a result, the bass in HUAWEI Sound is deep and full. Advanced SAM® (Speaker Active Matching) technology gives the user the feeling of being in a live concert from the comfort of their home. With Devialet SAM® and Push-Push Design, HUAWEI Sound generates powerful sound while maintaining sound fidelity.

The HUAWEI Sound speaker features three evenly spaced 120 ° full-range speakers, augmented by Devialet SPACE ™ technology, to fill an entire room with high-quality surround sound, creating the feeling of being in a large concert hall. Thanks to SPACE ™ technology, three multi-directional speakers receive the signal based on the listening position, and together create an immersive experience, eliminating the spatial limitations of any room.

In addition, HUAWEI Sound offers four sound effect modes: Soundstage, Vocals, Hi-Fi and Bass. These modes are easily configured through the proprietary HUAWEI AI Life mobile gadgets application.

HUAWEI Sound’s versatile connectivity options such as Bluetooth (LDAC), UPnP and 3.5mm AUX-in make the speaker more comfortable to use. HUAWEI Sound is equipped with a built-in function for transferring audio files by touching the smartphone screen, thanks to which the user can transfer music from the smartphone to the speaker by touching a button on the smartphone screen. The speaker also supports LDAC technology, which provides high-quality Bluetooth data transmission with a bit rate of up to 990 kbps, which is three times the standard Bluetooth bit rate.

HUAWEI Sound X wireless audio system

The HUAWEI Sound System inherits the premium design of the previous model. The lower part of the case is covered with a glossy fiber for easy sound transmission, as well as protection from dust and moisture.

The HUAWEI Sound Wireless Sound System will officially be available in select countries for 199 euro.