Khozmo Acoustic introduced a dual passive mono preamp

The Polish company Khozmo Acoustic has released a dual passive mono preamp equipped with two separate discrete volume controls and an input selector. The Lorlin UK switch is used as a selector. The new product received three switched inputs and two outputs. Two separate symmetrically positioned attenuators have 48 stages each and are equipped with AMRG Trans and Vishay SMD resistors in the basic version. The internal wiring of the new product is made of pure silver.

The preamp received a metal plate housing with a massive aluminum front panel. Details of the case are fixed on the massive side walls made of solid wood, the text logo of the brand is applied to one of them.

Khozmo Acoustic has two options for modifying its preamp. The version with Vishay Z-foil resistors will cost an additional $60, and with Takman REX or PRP – $120. In the basic version on the Khozmo Acoustic website, the preamp costs $330.