The first speakers with THX Dominus certificate, floor-standing speakers PerListen Audio S7t and D212S subwoofer

Recently founded in the United States, perlisten Audio presented floor towers and a subwoofer at CES. First of all, these are the flagship perlisten Audio S7t floorboards, which received a set of branded speakers. Four 7-inch bass and midrange drivers are equipped with textreme carbon fiber composite diffusers, which are 30% lighter than their counterparts. As stated, the strength of the diffusers is increased due to the sandwich design.

In the center of the front panel of each speaker is a 3-tweeter high-frequency module — this configuration is necessary for controlling the radiation pattern. The focus of the proprietary DPC waveguide is a 28-mm beryllium tweeter with an extended bandwidth of up to 40 kHz. To combat internal reflections, it was supplemented with a rear absorption chamber. Another pair of tweeters of the same caliber is located behind the grills in the walls of the waveguide.

PerListen Audio S7t and D212S subwoofer

For the S7t at a sound pressure of 90 dB, the total harmonic distortion coefficient is stated to be below 0.5%, and the volume of this speaker can reach 120 dB SPL. These parameters correspond to the sound of THX Reference Level.

The D212s subwoofer was developed using Advanced FEA (Finite Element Method). A pair of 12-inch speakers also received carbon fiber diffusers with a maximum stroke of 60 mm. The 3-kW amplifier receives a signal from a DSP based on a 32-bit 4-core ARM processor with a 48-bit data path.

The system suppresses second-order harmonics, making the sound more organic. The proprietary perlisten application will allow you to configure up to eight such subwoofers in one room.

PerListen Audio S7t and D212S subwoofer

The S7t speaker and the D212S sub are THX certified as the world’s first Dominus class speaker for rooms up to 6,500 cubic feet (about 185 cubic meters).

The prices of new products are already known. In the US, depending on the choice of trim, a pair of S7t speakers will cost $7,500 or more, and a single D212S subwoofer will cost from $5,500.

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