SEMICON Speaker: Alternative Miniature Speaker Technology

Taiwanese company “Sounds Great” intends to change the approach to headphones and other compact audio.

She suggested a sound source that can be placed in the arches of glasses, earrings, on the surface of the table, not to mention smartphones and laptops. The basis of this miniature acoustics is the technology of the nanowire sound coil SEMICON Speaker.

SEMICON Speaker Alternative Miniature Speaker Technology

This coil is not wound, but in fact, printed in layers. This technology is much more productive and, most importantly, more accurate winding wire on the frame. As a result, the SEMICON Speaker has a size of 1x1x0. 2 mm or even less. At the same time, Sounds Great announced a very high efficiency of speaker drives based on the SEMICON Speaker.

Thanks to its tiny size, the SEMICON Speaker can be used for multiple audio units in a single multi-band, but very tiny device. For each of the emitters, you can choose the optimal diaphragm material — it can be porcelain, metal, silk, paper or polymer.

SEMICON Speaker Alternative Miniature Speaker Technology

The SEMICON Speaker technology was unveiled at CES 2021. On the basis of its own production of printed circuit boards, Sounds Great is ready to organize mass production.

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