Racks for audio and video components Bassocontinuo Classic Line 2.1: modular system with zero vibration

The Bassocontinuo Classic Line 2.1 series of racks has replaced the models and components of version 2.0. All its components are made by hand in Italy. Classic Line 2.1 was created as a fully modular system – in the image and likeness of the elite Reference line.

As stated, the basis of the 2.1 line was an improved system of anti-vibration joints. With them, the Classic Line 2.1 models were tested by an independent laboratory in cooperation with the Politecnico di Milano. As a result, Bassocontinuo positions new products as devices with zero vibration.

The models of the line consist of five components. As from the constructor, you can build the necessary version from them. These can be Hi-Fi and AV racks, wall shelves for turntables, or platforms for power amplifiers with leg heights from 90 to 290 mm. The height can be precisely adjusted using 5-and 10-cm additional cylinders, which will need to be purchased separately.

Bassocontinuo Classic Line 2.1

The style and finish of the Classic Line 2.1 models correspond to Sonus faber acoustics, but in addition to the traditional Cerbero Black and Iside White coatings, the company added walnut and wenge textures. The legs of the Classic 2.1 received three trim options: dark gray, milky white and silver. Shelves with a thickness of 25 mm will withstand a weight of 60 kg.

Bassocontinuo Classic 2.1 racks in the UK cost from £ 440 per level.

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