Rumors: Netflix is preparing the online hub N-Plus

According to information that has appeared on the Web, Netflix is ​​considering the possibility of creating an online hub N-Plus. Indirect evidence of this comes from a survey commissioned by Netflix by Protocol.

Netflix described the project as “the online space of the future, where you can learn more about your favorite Netflix shows and everything related to them.” This is the place where the user will have access to podcasts, how-tos, and great playlists.

Essentially, the N-Plus platform is meant to be a vehicle for serving Netflix content. Apparently, special attention will be paid to playlists as a means of attracting viewers not yet involved in Netflix.

Netflix also admitted that N-Plus will allow viewers to influence the development of projects. “Learn about a planned show and influence its development with feedback before filming is complete,” the survey said.

Now Netflix is ​​already using Twitter or YouTube to promote its films and shows. The company has not yet answered a direct question about the emergence of the N-Plus online hub.

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