Kraftwerk concert “3-D The Catalog” will be released in Dolby Atmos format on Tidal

The concert of German electronic artists Kraftwerk “3-D The Catalogue” is already available in a variety of formats: Blu-ray, vinyl, CD. And on July 3, it will first appear in Dolby Atmos format — and you can listen to it in Tidal with a HiFi subscription.At the moment, Dolby Atmos is most often used in cinema systems, that is, in conjunction with the video order, and there are not so many purely musical releases yet.

The release of the Kraftwerk concert guide can increase the popularity of the format for both listeners and performers — and tunes from it will clearly find a place in test playlists for Atmos systems. The multi-channel release will also be available on Amazon Music HD, but you will only be able to listen to it on the Echo Studio column, which is unlikely to create an effect comparable to a full 5.1.2 system.the Album can be listened to on any Atmos system with a media player that supports Tidal, using the standard Dolby Digital Plus. In addition to this release, there will also be a stereo version of “3-D Der Katalog” — the same, but in German.