Lateral Audio Stands LAS-9 Cadenz Series: Modular Stackable System

The British brand Lateral Audio Stands has launched the production of stands for LAS-9 Cadenz audio equipment. These modular designs are based on proprietary panels based on variable weight diffusion gratings distributed over critical surface areas. According to Lateral Audio Stands, with the rise of technology, “an audio stand is becoming a central element in achieving excellent sound and music quality.”

AS-9 Cadenz panels have a standard size of 620×455, but the vertical distance between them can be changed thanks to cylindrical supports of different heights. The options are 120 mm, 160 mm, 220 mm and 280 mm – this will allow you to accurately select the height of the level for the dimensions of the audio component installed on it. In the future, an existing rack can be easily extended with additional panels with supports for them.

Lateral Audio Stands LAS-9 Cadenz Series

The upper “floors” of the Lateral Audio LAS-9 Candenz can accommodate up to 25 kg, and the lower ones – up to 35 kg. All weight is transferred to the floor through elongated, not sharp spikes. Panels and racks LAS-9 Candenz are available in a basic finish with a black matte finish. White is available upon request.

The price of the Lateral Audio LAS-9 Candenz stand depends on the number of levels. In the UK, it starts at £425 for the two-tier model and goes up to £995 for the five-tier rack.

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