Lehmannaudio Black Cube II phono stage: RIAA passive equalization and 16 LPF options

Lehmannaudio has updated the Black Cube phono stage to version II. The first Black Cube was released back in 1995 and actually created the brand’s reputation. According to the developers, the Black Cube II is built on studio-grade components and is compatible with MM and MC cartridges.

The RIAA passive circuitry in the Black Cube II is located between two line amplification stages and is complemented by a 16-variable low-pass filter. The correction circuit employs audiophile, transient-resistant, close-tolerance polypropylene capacitors.

Lehmannaudio Black Cube II phono stage

The model is supplemented with elements of effective suppression of interference and interference. The reversible circuit board is said to have optimized signal paths.

Black Cube II received a specially designed power supply unit – it consumes less than 3 watts. The phono stage is housed in a fully enclosed aluminum housing, which, in addition to the expected all-black finish, can have a silver or mirrored chrome front panel.

Lehmannaudio Black Cube II phono stage

In the UK, the Lehmannaudio Black Cube II was priced at £600.