Loewe Klang Mr and Klang S series wireless speakers: streaming, multi-room and radio

The German brand Loewe presented two series of wireless compact home speakers at once: Klang S and Klang Mr.

The Klang S series includes two models: with indexes S1 and S3. Both are capable of working as part of a smart home and received practical rectangular cases. The new items work via Bluetooth, via USB, and support Internet services, including Deezer, Amazon Music and Spotify Connect. The older Klang S3 also added a slotted CD drive.

On board each speaker have an FM tuner and a receiver of the DAB/DAB+ radio common in Europe. In addition to the Loewe Radio mobile app, both devices can be operated with the supplied remote control.

The Klang Mr series includes three multi-room speakers of various sizes and purposes in truncated cone-shaped cases. They work with either the DTS Play-Fi wireless sound system or Apple AirPlay 2.

Loewe Klang Mr and Klang S series wireless speakers

The younger model Mr 1 is ready to become a rear satellite for the Klang Bar 5 soundbar. For this, the 30W system is equipped with wall mounts. The mid-range product in the Klang Mr 3 series is a 150-watt bookshelf speaker with three full-range speakers, complemented by a subwoofer with a pair of passive radiators.

Loewe Klang Mr and Klang S series wireless speakers

Klang Mr 5 have a power of 180W, the set of emitters is supplemented by three tweeters at once. It connects to a compatible device via Bluetooth 4.2. On the upper plane there is a touch-sensitive glass panel with an LED display. All five new Loewe products, except for the older Klang Mr 5, have already gone on sale. Mr 5 is expected in the last days of November.

In the UK, the Loewe Klang S1 will cost £400, the Klang S3 will cost £600, the Klang Mr 1 £300, the Mr 3 £550 and the Klang Mr 5 £650.

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