Lord of the Valkyries by EMPIRE EARS

The American company has released top-end in-ear hybrid headphones Odin, which has a 7-way design and is equipped with 11 drivers – two dynamic, 5 reinforcing and 4 electrostatic with constant polarization. The novelty is completed with a detachable Stormbreaker UPOCC cable with conductors from a copper strand, connected to the capsules with a 2-pin connector.

The crossover is proprietary SynX, assembled from high quality resistors and capacitors. The electrostatic drivers are connected via EIVEC proprietary transformers. Enclosures – with proprietary ARC (Anti-Resonance Compound) technology, which eliminates unwanted resonances. The declared frequency range is 5 Hz – 100 kHz. Impedance 3 Ohm, sensitivity 108 dB / mW.

Recommended price is $3400.

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