Lost recordings of The Beatles producer George Martin under the pseudonym Ray Cathode re-released on vinyl

American nonprofit radio station Dublab has announced a vinyl EP “Ray Cathode (George Martin) – Time Beat / Waltz In Orbit – Remastered”, co-produced with George Martin Music. This EP includes tracks considered lost by The Beatles producer George Martin (under the pseudonym Ray Cathode).

These are the songs “Waltz In Orbit” and “Time Beat”, which were released on Parlophone in 1962. In addition to Martin himself, Maddalena Fagandini, who was known as a composer, electronic musician, television producer and one of the leading specialists of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (the BBC’s sound effects division), took part in the recording.

In addition to the remastered originals, the album also features remixes from Sparkle Division and Drum & Lace.

In the US, the rare EP “Ray Cathode” cost $25.

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