Meze Audio will release Empyrean Phoenix headphones in a limited edition Art Gallery for the 10th anniversary of the company

Romanian headphone company Meze Audio will release a limited edition of 100 flagship isodynamic headphones Empyrean Phoenix Art Gallery Edition for its 10th anniversary. They will be the first piece in the Meze Art Gallery collection. Each piece will be carefully assembled by hand on pre-order and will receive a unique serial number.

Empyrean Phoenix differs from ordinary Meze Empyreans in the finishing of their aluminum frame with a unique black and red pattern for each product, which is applied by hand. The color combination matches the model name. Antonio Meze, lead designer and founder of Meze Audio, explained that Empyrean Phoenix should be treated like a piece of contemporary art.

Meze Audio Empyrean Phoenix Art Gallery limited edition

Future owners of Empyrean Phoenix will have to wait about a month for their order. But there is the possibility of choosing a cable with oxygen-free copper conductors, which will be completed with headphones. Options include standard 6.3mm, balanced 4-pin XLR, balanced 2.5mm, or 4.4mm.

Meze Audio Empyrean Phoenix Art Gallery limited edition

In Europe, Meze Audio Empyrean Phoenix Art Gallery Edition headphones will cost 4,000 euros.

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