Yngwie Malmsteen to host a full-length virtual concert from Las Vegas

The Swedish-American guitarist and composer Yngwie Malmsteen, who has been famous for his solo work in the genre of neoclassical metal with elements of power and progressive rock for many years, has announced the virtual concert “Yngwie Malmsteen: Fully Live! The Very Best Of “.

The performance is scheduled for March 20 (7:30 pm PT). The Malmsteen Show will be hosted by renowned American musicologist Eddie Trunk. The fans were promised a rich program with the best compositions in the entire career of a musician.

The concert will be held in a virtual format: live broadcast from Las Vegas with a 360° view and participation in an online Q&A session (after the concert).

Yngwie Malmsteen concert from Las Vegas 2021

You can already buy a ticket through the Veeps service, which will broadcast. For a regular virtual ticket, they asked for $15. You will have to pay $25 for a 360 ° review, and for the opportunity to personally ask Yngwie a question (and watch the performance itself) you need to pay $100.

There are also several VIP offers: for example, for $150, you can not only watch the concert and talk to Malmsteen, but also get an autographed poster. Well, for the biggest fans, they offered a super-package: a concert, an online session, a poster and a Fender Squier guitar signed by the musician. Such a pleasure will cost $600.

By the way, you can also attend a concert live (not through an online service). To do this, you need to get to Las Vegas and have time to buy a ticket at a price of $250 to $500 (the quantity is limited). Visitors will be seated two people at a table in accordance with antiviral rules.

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