Marshall Major IV wireless headphones last up to 80 hours on a single charge

Marshall technology is famous not only for its recognizable appearance, but also for its amazing energy efficiency: the company has previously produced headphones and speakers that were able to work on a single charge longer than competitors, but with the release of the next generation of Major headphones, already the fourth, it seems to be striving for a record … These headphones will last up to 80 hours on a single charge.

With 15 minutes of charging, the earbuds will receive enough power to work for another 15 hours. In case the discharged battery suddenly caught the listener by surprise, you can connect to the source with a cable with mini-jacks – it comes in the kit. For convenience, the developers have added a wireless charging function – now it is enough to put the Major IV with the right cup on a special pad, and not connect the cable.

Marshall Major IV

The Swedish company Zound Industries was involved in the development of the updated model together with Marshall. The design has become more ergonomic so that the headphones are comfortable to listen to for several hours: the ear cushions are more anatomical and softer to the touch. The construction uses recycled plastic.

Marshall Major IV

The description assured that the Major IV has specially tuned 40mm drivers, delivering “solid bass, soft mids and shining highs”, providing a rich sound.

Marshall Major IV

The novelty is an overhead model with square cups. A proprietary 5-position joystick lever is used as the main control. Major IV is connected to sources via Bluetooth 5.0.

In the US, headphones are already available for $150.