Mayfly Audio Systems MF-201A: Schroeder traps inside the speakers

Founded earlier this year, the Canadian company Mayfly Audio Systems introduced the MF-201A acoustics. These are two-way systems with a coaxial driver that focuses on a 26mm fabric tweeter. The polymer cone of the 180mm woofer is mounted on a rubber surround. Together they are ready to deliver up to 100W of power.

The highlight of the MF-201A design is the acoustic diffuser. It resembles a Schroeder diffuser – such structures are used for acoustic treatment of premises. This time, the acoustic treatment was received by the internal volume of the speakers, which needs it especially badly. The design is patented and called the Skyline internal diffuser.

Mayfly Audio Systems MF-201A

Mayfly Audio Systems Chief Designer Trevor May is an electrical engineer with experience building Hi-Fi and professional audio equipment, guitars and tube guitar amplifiers. As a songwriter and musician, he has appeared on five albums and entered the Billboard Top 100 and Top 10 in Canada. The MF-201A’s built-in Skyline diffuser allowed the system to be tuned to maximize the speaker’s low-frequency spectrum, May said.

At the same time, we managed to “tame” the mid frequencies, getting rid of their multiple reflections. The cabinet design, May says, virtually eliminates clouding due to secondary vibrations. The monolithic phase inverter, which has become just a part of the body, also contributed its share.

Mayfly Audio Systems MF-201A

With its own low-frequency limit of 30 Hz, the MF-201A can be supplemented with a pair of subwoofer modules. Each of them contains two 10-inch low-frequency drivers. Their aluminum cones are capable of handling amplitudes up to 9 cm at frequencies up to 15 Hz. These speakers from Mayfly Audio Systems are also sold in a kit called the MF-301.

In terms of prices, in the US a pair of MF-201A will cost $3,000. You can also buy a pair of subwoofers separately for $10,000. A complete MF-301 kit will cost $12,000.