Metallica took all five top places on the Billboard Charts for vinyl sales

This week, thrash metal band Metallica not only entered Billboard’s weekly vinyl sales chart, but took all five spots on it. These top five albums look like this:

  1. «Ride The Lightning» (1984)
  2. «Metallica (The Black Album)» (1991)
  3. «…And Justice For All» (1988)
  4. «Kill ‘Em All» (1983)
  5. «Master of Puppets» (1986)

The mere presence of Metallica on the Billboard Charts has long been a surprise. For example, the same “The Black Album” until recently was in the Billboard Top 200 for 500 weeks in a row. But why Metallica has become so popular with vinyl lovers is a separate question.

Apparently, the success was caused by several events at once. First of all, the general interest in the group was spurred by her performance on February 7 after the US National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl on The Late Show with American television star Stephen Colbert.

In addition, Metallica recently released a limited edition color vinyl series, mostly featuring the band’s classic albums. These records can be purchased exclusively at Walmart, one of the largest in the United States, and it is there that the sales figures were especially high.

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