Metaxas&Sins Papillon – first photos from the production of modular reel tape recorder

The head and main developer of Metaxas&Sins, Kostas Metaxas, posted on his Facebook page photos from the production of the first five copies of the Papillon modular reel tape recorder “Butterfly”.

Of the five items, three are made of aluminum, one is milled from mirror-polished stainless steel and one is mirror-polished titanium. The complexity of manufacturing a stainless steel part is four times higher than the production process of the same product from aluminum. It takes ten times as long to make this part from titanium.

Recall that the design of the LPM of the Papillon model is in many ways reminiscent of a clock mechanism, and its versatility is ensured by a modular design that allows the component to be configured even in the “clean” transport option.

At the same time, Metaxas&Sins Papillon can be configured to almost any configuration, up to a full tape recorder with a loop-through record-playback channel and built-in amplifiers, equipped with magnetization, control systems, necessary heads, cables and more.

According to Kostas Metaxas, the R2R Metaxas&Sins Papillon will be released in a very limited edition of only 10 pieces. In the minimum configuration of “clean” transport Papillon will cost the future owner 45 thousand euros, and the full stereo version with three heads and electronics for recording and playback will cost 75 thousand euros.

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