Musical Fidelity begins production of updated M6sR DAC in Europe

One of the main features of Musical Fidelity’s redesigned M6sR DAC is that it is manufactured entirely in Europe. The company assured that by relocating production to Europe, it was able to achieve tighter tolerances and thus improve the quality of the devices themselves.

However, the changes affected not only the logistics, but also the internals of the DAC. The device is based on 32 bit Hyperstream II DAC architecture and uses the principle of upsampling / reclocking – the incoming signals are converted to 32 bit / 768 kHz. The updated version supports PCM signals up to 32 bit / 384 kHz, DSDP 64, 128 with conversion and native up to 256. Native support for DSD got thanks to the update of the ASIO driver.

Musical Fidelity M6sR

Moreover, for the convenience of users, the microUSB-B input was replaced with the classic USB-B – the company asked about this change the most. In total, there are seven inputs: in addition to USB, there are three coaxial and optical. The outputs are balanced and unbalanced, which can be used in regulated and unregulated modes – there is a separate lever for selection on the rear panel.

The headphone amplifier was moved unchanged from the M6s model and brought the connector to the front panel. It delivers 1.5 watts into 32 ohms and is suitable for use with 10 to 600 ohm headphones. Some of the characteristics of the DAC also did not change compared to the previous model: the distortion level is 0.0004% at 20 kHz, channel separation is more than 120 dB, the signal-to-noise ratio is more than 119 dB, linearity is above 110 dB.

Musical Fidelity M6sR

The DAC has also received Roon Tested certification and can be used as a Roon Bridge in combination with Roon NUCLEUS, Roon NUCLEUS + and computers.

In Europe, the cost of Musical Fidelity M6sR was 1,799 euro.