Nick Cave shared a trailer for his solo performance in an empty hall

Nick cave posted on his YouTube channel a trailer for a solo performance in the empty Alexander Palace hall in London, reports NME.

It is called “Idiot prayer” (the same as the 1997 track “Idiot Prayer”) and will be broadcast only once online on July 23 at eight o’clock in the evening in Moscow. Tickets can be purchased online. The lead singer of the Bad Seeds will perform a variety of songs: from early creativity, from the Grinderman project and from the recent album “Ghosteen” (2019).

In the trailer, he writes something in a notebook, then gets up, goes to the main stage and sits down at the piano. Cave explained to fans that in the past year, he liked to play his songs in a new way, with an emphasis on words, he was going to record these new “purified” versions of his compositions, but the quarantine began. As a result, there was an idea to shoot them on video, which was done with the help of Irish cinematographer Robbie Ryan (“Favorite”,”Marriage story”).

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