Ruark R5 Signature improved version of the R5 system

Ruark continues to release interesting design versions of its audio systems. However, the Ruark R5 Signature differs from the regular R5 not only in the glossy finish based on black piano lacquer and rose gold-colored legs – they also worked on the circuitry.

The Signature version has improved signal paths and updated internal wiring, the company said. The developers called the purpose of all these changes “increasing musical intelligibility.” The description says that as a result, the R5 Signature sounds cleaner, and the scene has become deeper and more natural.

Ruark R5 Signature

The heart of the system is still a class AB amplifier, working with two branded broadbands and a woofer. The broadband emitters located on the front panel are now covered by a protective grille with a dark gray fabric matched to the black gloss of the case. All metal elements (not just the legs) are decorated in a shade of rose gold.

Ruark R5 Signature

The functionality of the system has not changed: it is an all-in-one harvester capable of working with a variety of sources (including streaming services) and equipped with a CD drive. The model supports proprietary multi-room and is equipped with a Roto-dial remote control.

Ruark R5 Signature

Improved circuitry and luxury finishes added to the cost: while the regular Ruark R5 costs £995 in the UK, the Ruark R5 Signature version costs £1,250. The start of sales in the UK market is scheduled for the summer.

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