Scan-Speak launches 15” 38WE/8582T00 low frequency driver with 95dB sensitivity

Scan-Speak has expanded its line of Ellipticor low frequency drivers with the 38WE / 8582T00. Unlike the existing models, the novelty received a multi-wavelength linear suspension of the classic configuration. For a 15-inch woofer, it was possible to achieve a sensitivity indicator of 95 dB at a maximum power of 350 W.

Scan-Speak launches 15'' 38WE-8582T00 driver

The name of the series comes from the elliptical shape of the magnetic gap and, accordingly, the voice coil in its cross section. According to Scan-Speak, this solution improved the resonant characteristics of the driver, increased its resistance to cone-destructive loads and reduced distortion.

Scan-Speak launches 15'' 38WE-8582T00 driver

The novelty used the optimized SD (Symmetric Drive) AirCirc magnet system based on neodymium elements. The speaker received a cone made of classical cellulose. The design differences inherent in the Ellipticor models are noticeable only in the shape of the dust cap: like the coil, it is elliptical.

The company has not announced the cost of the Scan-Speak Ellipticor 38WE/8582T00 speaker.