Sony 360 Reality Audio arrives on Android?

A piece of code indicating support for Sony 360 Reality Audio in future versions of Android has been discovered by enthusiasts from the XDA community. It is still unclear how far the development has gone, but the information is indirectly confirmed in the comments of Sony programmer Kei Murayama (Kei Murayama). In addition, the meeting “Android OS 360RA support” (Android OS 360RA support) between Google and Sony was mentioned.

Sony’s immersive 360 Reality Audio technology promises a full surround sound experience, just like in a real-world setting. The direction debuted in 2019, and Sony has shown serious intentions to spread the technology. However, so far you can only find about 4,000 tracks recorded in this object-oriented format.

There are also not many opportunities to listen to this music yet. You can search for it on Tidal, and use, for example, Amazon Echo Studio or compatible Sony devices to listen to it. It is clear that the appearance of support for Sony 360 Reality Audio in Android will be a real breakthrough in the distribution of this 3D format.

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