Spotify Car Thing car player officially unveils

The Spotify Car Thing smart car player is already available for testing to a limited number of users. Complaints about the lack of information in recent months, rumors from indirect sources have given way to real photographs and data.

So, Car Thing is a smartphone-sized gadget from the days when smartphones were compact. The dimensions (especially the thickness) were increased by a large encoder to the right of the screen. Apparently, this is a tribute to the design of car head units, giving more convenience in manual control.

Naturally, the device is powered by a 12-V on-board network. Via Bluetooth, USB or analog input, you can connect Car Thing to your existing car audio system. The smartphone connected to the internet (i.e. Spotify) transmits the signal to Car Thing.

Spotify Car Thing

Four buttons above the screen provide quick one-touch access to your favorite content (you can add it to your favorites with a long press). The touch screen gives access to all other necessary functions. You can also do without hands by saying “Hey Spotify” and, for example, choose one of the presets. The developers said that four Car Thing microphones will provide voice control even in the presence of the full spectrum of car noise.

At the same time, Spotify stressed that the release of “hardware” (Car Thing became the firstborn) for the service is a secondary matter. The emergence of Car Thing, according to Spotify, is driven only by “the need of our users, many of whom missed out on the possibility of a flawless and personalized music experience in the car”.

Only Premium subscribers in the United States can get Car Thing for free. To do this, you need to register on the site. You will only have to pay for delivery. However, so far not everyone will receive Car Thing on these conditions – the test release is limited.

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