T+A pulsar R 21 shelves: optimized magnetic systems in a “clean” case design

The German company T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co has added R 21 shelves to its Pulsar series. According to the company, this is an alternative to the floor ST 21 for relatively small spaces.

Externally, the new product really looks like a part of the ST 21 was cut out — and the R 21 turned out. In small sizes (30x19x30 cm) and with a weight of 7 kg, the T+A Pulsar R 21 can produce quite a large-scale bass. According to the manufacturer, these speakers “sound bigger than they look”.

T+A Pulsar R 21

To do this, many parts of the previous 20th version were upgraded. This is especially true for magnetic systems that are now able to provide improved linearity of the magnetic field in bass players. In addition, the long-stroke 150 mm WOOFER has a modified diffuser.

The pulsar R 21’s high-tech dome tweeter with a 25 mm aperture is responsible for the high-frequency range. This driver has a low frequency of its own resonance, which reduced problems at the frequencies of “cross-linking” the tweeter and low-frequency bands.

T+A Pulsar R 21

In addition, the t+A Pulsar R 21 has an updated crossover, and the cabinets are assembled without visible fasteners. The basses are fixed in a phase-invertor housing using die-cast aluminum rings.

The T+A Pulsar R 21 model has an impedance of about 4 Ohms. With a sensitivity of 85 dB, the speakers are ready to withstand a nominal 80 W or maximum 120 W of power. The low-frequency limit of the new product is 40 Hz. Its frequency range extends up to 30 kHz. The speakers are available in white or black lacquer and are equipped with support spikes and stainless steel discs.

On the European market, t+A pulsar R 21 shelves have already appeared at a price of 1,400 euros per pair.

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