The Ferrum Hypsos power supply received programmable presets of current parameters with the ability to adjust “on the fly”

Hem created the Ferrum brand in Poland, the firstborn of which was the universal hybrid power supply Hypsos. The manufacturer stated that the novelty combines the best characteristics of linear and pulse circuits, and in the audiophile setup it should be perceived as a separate sound component. Hypsos is ready to deliver a stable voltage from 5 to 30 V and a current of up to 6 A.

Power options can be selected from a list of supported devices or manually configured. The set voltage level can be safely adjusted on the fly and compared by ear. As stated, the novelty gives out the exact voltage exactly at the connection pin, for which a cable with feedback is used. Thus, the cable resistance does not affect the power parameters.

Ferrum Hypsos

Hypsos is compatible with the Apple TV remote, and the input and output trigger will allow you to automate the activation of devices with which it works. the circuit provides automatic adjustment of the transformer voltage (atva), an electronic polarity switch of the output voltage, protection against overvoltage, excess of the set current and short circuit. Locking the settings will prevent accidental changes to the set parameters.

the device is released in a rectangular case of “half” width with a large color text indicator. the equivalent cost of the hypsos power supply on the ferrum website is about $1,000.

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