Nordost Premium QKORE Wire allows you to use the connector pin for the QKORE grounding system

Premium QKORE Wire is presented by Nordost as an addition to the proprietary QKORE grounding system. The novelty will allow you to use the “ground” contact in standard audio connectors for this purpose. This is especially convenient when there is simply no special terminal or contact in the grounded device.

For such cases, Premium QKORE Wire can be supplemented with a wide variety of connectors: spade, banana, XLR plug, XLR jack, BNC, RCA, USB-A, USB-B and even RJ45. The novelty has received insulation from fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) and is made in the proprietary Micro Mono-Filament technology. The conductor used was a 14 AWG conductor made of OFC copper coated with 99.9999% silver.

According to Nordost, Premium QKORE Wire is able to leverage the improvements that QKORE brings to two-channel hi-fi systems. The cost of the two-meter special Premium QKORE Wire grounding cable in the United States was $360.

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