Anti-vibration mounts Vertere Iso-paw: sorbotan hemispheres on a felt base

The British company Vertere has released Iso-paw anti-vibration mountings. They were originally developed for two well-known models of the company: the DG-1 turntable and the Phono-1 phono stage. There are two Iso-paw kits available specifically for them: the 3-Pack version – three legs in a box – is designed for the DG-1, while the 4-Pack with four legs is for the Phono-1.

According to the company, “experiments have shown that Iso-paw supports are not only suitable for Vertere products.” Iso-paw (“paw” means “paw”) are suitable for vibration isolation of almost any lightweight audio components such as phono stage and DAC. Each support can be loaded with a maximum of 2.5 kg.

Vertere Iso-paw

In the lower part, the Iso-paw rests on a layer of felt, and the upper, dome part is molded from the patented viscoelastic Sorbothane polymer. This polyurethane plastic is specifically designed to dampen vibrations. The manufacturer emphasized that the Iso-paw is easy to install, if only because these supports do not require adjustment.

Vertere Iso-paw

At the Vertere Iso-paw specialty store, it costs £95 for a 3-Pack or £115 for a 4-Pack.

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