The first concert release of the 1977 concert by Japanese pianist Ryo Fukui will be released in May

Ryo Fukui Trio’s album “Live at Vidro ’77” will be released on May 21 via HMV Records. It is noteworthy that Ryo began learning to play the piano at the age of 22, but his debut album “Scenery” was released only six years later. In fact, “Live at Vidro ’77” is the second album by the talented Japanese jazz pianist, but it had to wait for its release for a long 44 years.

In “Live at Vidro ’77”, Fukui is also played by his brother Yoshinori and Satoshi Denpo. Together, they were called the Ryo Fukui Trio. The album was recorded during a live performance at the Vidro Club in Sapporo. In addition to Fukui’s own compositions, it features covers of John Coltrane, Kurt Weill, and others.

Fukui’s popularity grew after the re-release of his albums “Ryo Fukui in New York” and the release of “A Letter from Slowboat” last year on WRWTFWW Records.

In the US, a pre-order of the double vinyl edition of “Live at Vidro ’77” will cost $55.

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