Ultrasone Lapis ANC with Ambient Mode and 13mm S-Logic driver

Ultrasone Lapis ANC earphones are the first TWS model in the Ultrasone line. As the name suggests, the new product is equipped with active noise cancellation technology. The Ultrasone has also looked at battery life and ease of use.

S-Logic technology

Ultrasone Lapis ANC

The Lapis ANC has 13mm drivers with a special angled position. The company has designated this installation method as S-Logic technology. According to Ultrasone, this approach has resulted in richer, more spacious and detailed sound. The Bluetooth 5.2 module is responsible for receiving the signal. The manufacturer did not say anything about the supported codecs, but promised high quality and stable connection.

Ambient Sound mode

In addition to the aforementioned S-Logic technology, the Ultrasone Lapis ANC has received the Ambient Sound mode, which involves partial suppression of noise in order to “stay in touch” with the outside world. When ANC is activated at full, the headphones should almost completely exclude the audibility of external sounds. Six microphones are responsible for this.

45 hours of autonomy

Ultrasone Lapis ANC

As for the battery, it should last for 9 hours. If we take into account the 650mAh charging case, then the user will receive up to 45 hours of autonomy.

It was suggested to control Lapis ANC headphones through sensors or voice. You can also use the built-in microphones to control voice assistants in your smartphone.

Price and availability

In Europe, the Ultrasone Lapis ANC in-ear TWS earbuds should appear in February at a price of €180.

Ultrasone Lapis ANC Specifications

  • Bluetooth Version 5.2
  • Driver Ø 13mm
  • Noise-canceling level 32dB
  • Frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Bluetooth Range up to 10m
  • Battery 65mAh
  • Case Battery 650mAh
  • Battery Lifetime 30 Hours (incl. Case)

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