Ultrasone unveils Volcano tube headphone amplifier

The German firm Ultrasone has added a Volcano tube amplifier to its High-End Edition series of headphones. The novelty is produced using military technologies of high precision and reliability. First of all, it is claimed, Volcano will be a perfect match with the Ultrasone Edition 15 headphones. 600 Ohm it can be any other model of the corresponding class.

With the impedance of the connected headphones of 300 Ohm and a power of 100 mW, the THD is promised for Volcano not higher than 0.3%. Moreover, up to three pairs of headphones can be connected to the amplifier simultaneously and independently. However, they must have XLR connectors, a 6.3 mm unbalanced jack and a balanced Pentaconn, brought out to the front panel. There is also a volume control and a power switch. Rear-panel unbalanced RCA or balanced XLR input connections “This amplifier embodies everything that Ultrasone has distinguished for the past 30 years. Our factory in Gut-Raucherberg, near Lake Starnberg, pays special attention to the maximum service life of our products and ensures that they are maintainable even long after the purchase. Ultrasone emphasizes these quality standards with long-term warranties on all products it manufactures”, said Michael Willberg, CEO of Ultrasone AG. In this case, we are talking about the lifetime warranty provided by Ultrasone Volcano.

All Volcano components, including lamps and an oversized toroidal transformer, are hand-picked in Ultrasone. The novelty is also equipped with a power cable. The Volcano is a handcrafted metal block with wood side panels, all custom-made and customizable on Ultrasone’s website. The Volcano will cost its future owner 19,000 euro.

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