Denon DCD-A110 SACD Player: Dual Clock, Vibration Suppression & Intel FPGA

The DCD-A110 SACD player is one of the components that Denon has released for its 110th anniversary as part of the 110th Anniversary Special Edition. Hiroki Lihara, an engineer for the Hi-Fi group at Denon, said of the DCD-A110: “I want customers to have a wow! and an amazing experience when they hear it. ”According to a press release, the new product supports playback of CDs and Super Audio CDs, as well as DSD (2.8 MHz / 5.6 MHz) and Hi-Res audio files up to 24 bit / 192 kHz recorded on DVD-R (RW) and DVD + R (RW) discs. Audio files with a sampling rate of up to 48 kHz recorded on CD-R / RW discs are also played.

First of all, the creators of the DCD-A110 took care of the cleanliness of data reading. To do this, the system employs S.V.H.’s proprietary vibration damping technology, and a massive copper plate on the top of the chassis reinforces the rigidity of the structure, complemented by thick steel brackets. The disc tray is made of die-cast aluminum.

An advanced quad DAC differential topology of four PCM1795 DACs delivers, according to the developers, improved channel separation, ultra-low noise and distortion. Intel Cyclone 10’s proprietary Ultra AL32 digital audio processing technology provides 32x oversampling of the PCM input signal.

Two separate clocks for 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz are designed to provide complete jitter rejection. The DCD-A110’s analog circuitry replaces traditional op-amps with fully discrete circuitry with components selected by the soundmaster Denon, while the analog and digital circuits are powered by separate sources using selected components. The power circuitry based on a custom transformer is completely discrete. In particular, to power the analog sound circuit after the digital-to-analog converter, it uses an original Denon block capacitor of large capacity (3,300 μF).

In addition, non-standard parts are involved in the power supply circuits: powerful bipolar transistors, high-quality electrolytic capacitors and polyphenylene sulfide capacitors. These components were developed and / or selected through repeated tests, including direct listening. Like all anniversary models, the Denon DCD-A110 is manufactured at the Japanese factory in Shirakawa. Like other new additions from the 110 series, the Anniversary DCD-A110 comes with a special certificate with a personal signature, is decorated with the corresponding logo and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Denon DCD-A110 SACD player has a European price of 3,000 euros and will be on sale in October.

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