Updated Sonos One SL speaker will be incompatible with S1 app

The network has information about the update of the wireless speaker Sonos One SL. It is not software, but hardware. At first, as is often the case, the data was “lit up” in the FCC filing. Representatives of Sonos, in turn, did not deny it and shared the details.

The novelty will be the direct successor to the model of the same name. Its main advantage is an improved, more economical radio module. The design of the base has also been changed, which has become lighter and got rid of unnecessary stickers. The packaging has become more environmentally friendly, following the example of the recently launched Sonos Roam speaker.

And, although the name of the model has remained the same, almost like its functionality, there are some differences. The new iteration of the Sonos One SL is only compatible with the new Sonos S2 app. It does not work under the S1 – that is, the new product cannot be used on Sonos systems with older models.

The company began to warn that all products released after May 2020 will work only with S2 already more than a year ago.

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