Advance Paris X-A160 Evo new line of French Amplifier

The new line of products of the French company, which received the abbreviation X, embodied the latest achievements of the world of affordable high end audio and the latest trends in global design. Indeed, the high-quality and beautiful components of the French company, among other things, are as effective and practical as possible.

Introducing the new power amplifier from the French company Advance Paris X-A160 Evo. This power amplifier is a restyled version of the very popular X-A160, the first in the X-series. The austere design with a massive black acrylic front panel, a machined aluminum control button and a blue backlit display looks elegant and stylish. Two huge backlit dial gauges give the amp a powerful and solid appearance. Indeed, everything in this power amplifier is made with high quality and convincingly stylish.

Advance Paris X-A160 Evo

New circuits, power transistors identical to the one used in the flagship model MAA 1000, new power supply, more power, more music, more modern presentation – this is the X-A160 EVO. The X-A160EVO amplifier consists of an ultra-rigid, compartmentalized frame that provides effective shielding that eliminates any risk of radiation between the various circuits of the device. The use of audiophile grade components ensures that your favorite music is played with refinement and refinement. The high power of the power supply transformer, combined with the powerful “very high current” transistors (NJW0281G – NJW0302G), provide high output power and dynamic range.

Advance Paris X-A160 Evo

The X-A160EVO delivers 160 watts per channel in class AB *, a switch located on the rear of the unit allows the X-A160EVO to deliver the first watts in class A *. When this power is exceeded, switching to class AB ** takes place automatically.

The meticulous work of the French designers of the developers touched everything and, in the end, a wonderful product came out, while, like all Advance Paris products, at an extremely attractive price.

On the rear panel there are inputs for connecting the X-P500 preamplifier:

  • 1 pair of RCA type and
  • 1 pair XLR type

Connection is made either via RCA or XLR type connectors. Speaker output posts (connectors) gold-plated: speaker L (left channel and Speaker R) right channel.


Power output 8 Ω : 2 X 160 W RMS
Power output 4 Ω : 2 X 240 W RMS
Frequency response : 10 Hz – 80 kHz
Distortion < 0,07%
Signal/Noise ratio : > 120 dB
Channel separation > 80 dB
Input impedance : 20KΩ  (Asymétrique)
Input impedance : 38KΩ (Symétrique)
AC Input : 115V/230V (Commutation automatique)
Standby power consumption : < 0,5W
Power consommation max : 500W
Power transformer : 700W
Toroïdal transformer
Dimensions : H.16 cm x W.44 cm x D.42 cm
Net Weight : 19 kg

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